About Us

Here at Legion Training we truly believe that changing physiques for the better is a catalyst for changing lives. In fact we’re committed to change; aiming to create positive change in the bodies of millions of people around the world. In doing so the people whose lives we touch and the bodies we change are in turn able to give back positively to their peers and the world around them.

Legion Training is our approach/service/product/vehicle to delivering our solution on a much needed world-wide body transformation dilemma. Its our commitment, our absolute passion, and therefore our mission to provide a step-by-step, no guessing, lifestyle approach designed to deliver amazing physique altering results – all by following a number of lifestyle changes that fit comfortably into just about any type of present lifestyle imaginable.

“Here at Legion Training we truly believe that changing physiques for the better is a catalyst for changing lives”

We understand people are time poor like never before but here’s the good news – for optimal physique change you do not need be training for any longer than 20 minutes a day. Whether it’s for weight loss, building muscle, or a combination of both – exactly 19 minutes is all that’s required. That’s 1140 seconds – and that’s what the Legion Training approach is all based around.

Yes, Legion Training is a business. Its just one of many many businesses in the vast sea of a continually growing multi-billion dollar industry all lumped together under the classification of health and fitness. But that’s where the similarity ends. Legion Training is NOT like any other company out there. At Legion Training we do things differently and that’s because our passion is in steering and educating our members to achieve the bodies they want and showing them how to keep it for an entire lifetime.

Most people will readily agree that the last thing this industry needs is more self-promoting company ‘ambassadors’ and sponsored athletes boasting where they placed on stage, or how many magazine covers they have graced. What we at Legion Training see lacking in this industry are true leaders. Leaders who genuinely listen and make the lives and transformations of real people their company’s absolute priority. Judge me, judge my company, judge the worth of what we offer based on the lives we change, on how many bodies we transform and the positive impact that has on the world – empowering people through their own life transformations. When it comes to delivering genuine ‘duty of care’ there exists a huge gap in this industry and it has been allowed to remain because very few attempt to step up and really deliver on this. Legion Training on the other hand have taken up the challenge and in doing so have positioned ourselves smack bang in the middle of that void.

By educating, implementing and helping Legion member’s the world over to execute the daily practices responsible for physical change; by providing first class support and delivering step-by-step assistance throughout the programs, helping you to live the Legion lifestyle is the way we will change the world – together.




Tyrone’s ‘fitness industry’ journey all began in a suburban garage in Auckland, New Zealand where, as a boy, he loved to play around with his dad’s weight sets. From those humble beginnings Ty went on to become a highly regarded industry expert specializing in the area of time-conscious body transformation training. This unique approach has resulted in him being featured in some of the world’s largest health and fitness media sources as well as being contracted to numerous film and TV productions – charged with getting cast members in shape and camera ready in minimal amounts of time.

Tyrone’s real passion however, is about being instrumental in improving the health and fitness industry as a whole for the betterment of the end user – the everyday person. Tyrone achieves this by reaching out to as many people as possible worldwide, educating them and providing them with a real and proven means of body transformation, and in the process saving clients from falling victim to the fads and rubbish that unfortunately pervades the fitness industry.

“Teaching someone how to make positive changes to their body is unspeakably rewarding as it directly enhances every area of their life – the ripple effect of a successful body transformation is huge – I want to contribute in changing the world by changing one body at a time” – Tyrone Bell

Legion Training is what Tyrone considers his 10 year ‘industry masterpiece’. Legion Training encapsulates everything he has learnt, trialed, used and exhausted on himself and countless of clients over the last 10 years in the areas of training, nutrition, recovery and supplementation – all with the end purpose of structural and body composition changes and enhancement. Everything that works and is backed by science and supported by years of practical application is included in Tyrone’s masterful Legion Training.