Give Welcome to Legion 2.0

Give Welcome to Legion 2.0

Legion Training is always in a continual development stage improving our service, our products, and doing everything we can with the end goal in mind of always enhancing the results of our members. And now we are proud to announce the new Legion Training site is live.

When Legion 2.0 releases some of our current members will need to make the migration from the current Legion Training site to the Legion Training 2.0 site.

You will fit into one of the two categories below:

1. Annual Member
2. Non Annual Member

Please read below to see how this affects you:


If you are a current annual member (meaning you have completed at least 1 full Legion 13-Week initial training cycle and then purchased an annual membership to continue training), in a few days you will simply follow a provided URL link to the migration page and fill out the form and follow the easy instructions – This URL will be released at the same time Legion 2.0 goes live.

As the current Legion site will still remain in operation for a further 26 weeks, there is no rush to migrate to the new Legion site. We strongly recommend you do your migration on your rest days as it may take a day or two to finalize your migration. Further instructions will be on the migration page.

To migrate over to Legion 2.0, please click the link below and fill in the form.


If you are currently mid-way through the Legion initial 13 Week Training cycle for the first time OR if you already have completed the initial 13 week program and since then have purchased a single additional program from the Legion Arena (such as Hell Legs or Boulders for Shoulders) then you need to complete your current training cycle. Upon completion, you can then sign up to the new Legion Training website.

IMPORTANT NOTE – The original Legion Training site that you are currently on will only be assessable for further 26 weeks once Legion 2.0 goes live, before its completely removed making Legion 2.0 the only accessible Legion site. Meaning we have given you at least an additional 3 months on top on your original training cycle duration to complete your current training cycle.

We have tried to make the site change over as simple as possible for all our Legion member types, however if you still require assistance outside of the information provided here please contact Legion Support with your questions.

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