Legion Ranking System

Legion Ranking System

The first phase of the highly anticipated Legion Ranking System has now been released.

Legion Training members can now climb and earn rankings by completing Legion Training sessions. This is just the first phase of the Legion Ranking system where the members, as they complete certain volumes of training sessions, will earn their position as a rank amongst the Legion Army. At this stage the more consistent a member is with their training the steadier they will climb in the rankings. But this is just the start. Legion Trophy Rooms will be activated on member’s Account pages once an undisclosed number of Legion members have reached a certain ranking.

Once Trophy Rooms are activated members can earn Battle Achievement Awards for accomplishments above and beyond their rankings. Personal Records, Milestone Progress, and Legion Lifestyle Achievement Rewards can be earned.

The Legion Ranking System starts off by making those who have already completed at least one Legion for Life 13 week training cycle under the rank of ‘LEGIONNAIRE’. New members joining from now on will enter under the rank of “RECRUIT”

The next activation of the Legion Ranking system, after the trophy room has been activated is the Power Holdings Awards. Power Holding Awards are a limited number of trophies, that while the Battle Achievement Awards; once you earn them can not be taken away ever, a Power Holding Award can be challenged by another Legion member and even stolen from you.

The Legion Training Rank System is going to open up a world of motivating challenges and rewards (both virtual and physical), all with the end purpose in mind though of further helping and motivating people from all walks of live transform their body’s and live everyday with the body they are happy and proud of.

So, let the games begin!

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