Legion Training for Woman

Legion Training for Woman

What’s the deal on Legion Training for women? Legion Training is cardio and weight based with workouts that have you performing resistance/weights sessions 5 times a week – just the same as your male counterparts are doing. However (and I want to clear this up now) – Legion Training for Women will not turn you ladies into a ‘hulks’- in fact for you the opposite is true. Weight training gives you near-perfect symmetry and puts curves and definition in all the right places; your muscles are firmed and toned, not all soft and mushy. Weight training also gives you strength, health, vitality and what most consider a beautiful body. Additionally, weight training will decrease your chance of injuries in everyday life and recreational activities. And if you’re still not convinced consider this – weight training improves work, sleep, endurance, sex and many other areas of your life. As many of our Legion Training females have been saying Fit is the new Sexy, Strong is the new Skinny.

So …

With this in mind Legion Training for women doesn’t differ all that much from the men’s Legion Training approach. Men and women have the same amount of muscles and these muscles all contract in the same fashion. The differences between men and women however lay in our hormones and physique goals. Men naturally have higher levels of testosterone, a muscle-building hormone, while women are constantly taking into account the oestrogen hormone – a fat storing hormone. A man’s typical goal is to increase lean muscle mass while dropping his body fat levels. Conversely women typically want to tone and shape muscle as well as decrease body fat levels. These goals are taken into account for both the Legion Male and Female participates. Now I’m not saying that just because women have higher levels of oestrogen they are doomed to gain weight. What I am saying is that Legion Training uses what we all have to our best advantage. Both approaches, Legion Men and Legion Women will build lean body mass. The more lean body mass you acquire, the higher you raise your metabolism and increased metabolism results in more calories burned per minute!

A myth I hear a lot is that muscle weighs more than fat. The reality is that a pound of muscle and a pound of fat weigh the same – a pound. However, the great thing about a pound of muscle is that it takes up less space than a pound of fat does. Muscle actually allows you to eat more food without getting fat because muscle is the only body material that is metabolically active. Also, once you put muscle on your body you will burn an additional twenty to thirty calories an hour. Seasoned Legion Training individuals burn more like fifty to seventy-five additional calories per hour.

Another misconception women sometimes have is the belief that if they stop working out the muscle they’ve built will turn to fat. Now let’s analyze this reasoning. Muscle (metabolically active) and fat (metabolically inactive) are two completely different tissues responsible for their own functions. Just as your heart and liver are two different organs performing completely different functions, the same goes for muscle and fat. Think about it for a moment, can your heart turn into your liver, or vice versa? If that were possible there would be a lot of people out there with massive muscle potential, if you catch my drift. Muscle simply can’t turn into fat any more than fat can turn to muscle.

Exercising and nutrition is a learned lifestyle. If you are not consistent with it you will understandably decrease muscle and increase your body fat but rest assured, your muscles will definitely never mysteriously turn into fat.

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