Sharing Members Experiences Through Twitter Links

Sharing Members Experiences Through Twitter Links

Understandably people are curious as to what sort of results they might expect from a program. Often a person will decide to participate in a program based purely on the experiences and results of others. So, just like any other fitness program/product out there Legion has a ’testimonials‘ page (you may or may not have visited this page yet). Just as we have done with everything else using our proud unconventional approach, our approach to testimonials and member results is a point of difference as well because we are going to be sharing member’s experiences and results via real and active twitter posts. You guys, the real living breathing Legion Army and the experiences you share by tweeting is what makes up the Legion testimonials page.

Your tweets are active links. This means that anyone exploring the Legion site can also explore the Legion Army member tweets. Someone viewing your tweet on the page may be taken by your tweet/comment, they may want to know more, they may want to follow you on twitter from this page to learn more about your Legion journey, your Legion life – they can actually start ‘following’ your twitter straight from the Legion testimonials page.

My vision is for the Legion Army to stand as a brotherhood and be considered a worldwide community. Legion is so much more than a training approach; its an attitude, its a lifestyle, its an outlook and above all, its a principal. It may sound over the top but I personally have no greater honor than actively helping someone gain control of their life by guiding them step-by-step and through Legion, master their own body. This active twitter testimonials page is a way that Legion Army members can in turn actively help others.

We are the Legion World-Wide-Army. Be inspired by your comrades, inspire your comrades, share your experiences, share your journey. This is Legion for Life, this is the Legion Worldwide family.

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