Legion Training with and without a training partner.

Legion Training with and without a training partner.

Some of us are the lone warrior type – the ones who walk into the Iron Battlefield, put our headphones on and attack our workout in a solo fury of intent.  Legion is perfect for this type athlete as the workout styles are precise with every second accounted for.  For these trainers its easy to completely lose yourself in your workout session – its just you and the clock – you versus every second.  Personally, this is the way I love to train …

There is however another type of trainer – the one who prefers to have a brother (or sister) in Arms there by their side – ready to destroy a workout session together.  Training with a partner has huge benefits providing motivation, inspiring confidence and pushing each other to the limits.  Training sessions can turn friends into comrades; sharing sweat, blood and tears together over training sessions form bonds for life.  Some of my best friends were once just some person I asked for a spot at the gym, followed by being a training partner and over time turning into trusted friends..

But how do you train Legion Training style where every second is accounted for and so precise with a training partner?  There are two ways of doing this ~

1st  If you have time (approx. 40 minutes) you can train back-to-back – meaning you train one at a time.  The advantage of this is that your training partner can get your next set ready, load weights and secure your next piece of equipment so you can transition without other gym members messing up your tempo and exercise order and then spot you on your 0SOF (going to failure sets).  Once you have finished training it’s your turn to return the favor while your training partner battles a session out.  During the busy peak hours at the gym this is an optimal way of performing a Legion Training session. Having a training partner plowing the road for you, allows you to concentrate on destroying those weights exactly how I’ve prescribed.

2nd OR – you can train Set for Set with your training partner.  By this I mean you complete a set and then your training partner completes the set.  This approach allows you to both finish the workout session in the 1140 second time allocation.  While its great for time effectiveness you need to be aware of the speedy transitions required when loading differing weights on the same piece of equipment that you are both using. Having a training partner that has the same or close to the same strength levels as yourself is ideal.  Likewise if you have a well equipped gym and its not peak hour you can both load up and use the same exercise on different stations, i.e perform a Bench Press using two bench press stations – one for you and one for your training partner then you just swap between spotting each other.

Depending on time available or personal preference its very possible and quite rewarding to train Legion Style with a training partner.  Just be sure that you both enter that Iron Battlefeild with the same intent and same attention to precision.

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