Lets Grow Your Chest

Lets Grow Your Chest

Before we start talking about nutrition, I thought it might be a good idea if you were to actually try out a 19 minute Legion Training session – one that’s been designed to be focus on lean muscle building.

Go ahead! Have a taste of the type of training that is transforming 1000’s of physiques every day and from all corners of the world.

The sample Chest Workout below was one that I was asked to put together for BPI Sports. It was featured on the BPI website for their BPI Nation members to try and I can tell you the response was HUGE.

The workout itself is one that I would normally incorporate in a Legion Training periodized cycle to primarily hit the Type 2A Chest muscle fibers and to help induce the hypertrophy triggers of Metabolic Stress and Muscle Cell swelling through the targeted chest region. If you’ve been doing your research you will be getting an idea of how critically important it is to structurally cycle both the target muscle fibers as well as the hypertrophy triggers to produce the most amount of lean mass as possible in our targeted areas.

So give this one a go guys!

Heads up too as well.

The offer I extended to you and a select number of other e-book downloaders is valid for 4 more days!!

If you’re keen to grab that 6 month Legion memberships and be working with me to achieve your targeted 3-4 kgs of quality lean muscle in the first 13 weeks you’ve got only 4 more days to take up the offer.

If you haven’t checked it out already your 6 month Legion memberships will give you ~

* Everyday access to the Legion Training system via your own secure personal profile/account page

* A new workout each and every day that you are scheduled to train in line with you and your lean muscle building goals

* Customized nutrition that evolves as your body composition changes

* Exact supplementation prescriptions and schedules to support you and assist in giving you that extra edge over the first 13 weeks

* Access to myself and my support team every step of the way for the full duration of your Legion Training membership

As I’ve previously stated, no hard sales, I’m not into that. I will however, lay out the facts like I’ve done above and leave the opportunity in your hands.





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