Putting your new e-book to use.

Putting your new e-book to use.

Thanks for downloading my 9 Laws to Building Lean Muscle e-book.  No doubt you are now looking forward to putting these laws into practice and seeing the benefits for yourself.

As stated in my book I’m very passionate about educating and helping people learn how to make their training a success.  I absolutely hate it when people get taken advantage of by misleading diets, diet products, and poorly put together training approaches that aren’t going to do ‘jack all’ apart from waste a lot of your time and effort.  So, whether you’re actually one of my online Legion Training members or not, I’m happy to send you regular info so you can begin to learn what to look for and how to navigate your way through the ever growing sea of information out there.  Its all part of Legion Training’s promise to empower as many people as we possibly can in 2016.

To be sure you don’t miss any of the ‘building blocks’ of information that I will be sharing, empowering you to succeed with your physique goals, do yourself a major favour and mark this email address as one of your contacts.

Meanwhile, while you’re keeping an eye out for my emails check out the video on this page. It will give you a run down on exactly who I am and the training system I have developed – one that I’m proud to say has transformed the bodies, and in turn the lives of thousands of individuals globally.

Tomorrow do check your inbox because I’ll be sending a very important piece of information that will cover a key ‘critical pointer’ which, when implemented, will very quickly enhance the results you get from your training.

Talk tomorrow my friend.

Tyrone Bell
Legion Training Founder
BPI Sports Training Expert

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