Strong for a girl? No, just straight STRONG..

Strong for a girl? No, just straight STRONG..

Myth: ‘you lift like a girl’


Since when did ‘hitting like a girl’, ‘lifting like a girl’ and doing things ‘like a girl’ become a weaker value, a discrimination and an insult? It’s dis-empowering and a profoundly demeaning concept, don’t you think? Would you call your mother weak? The strongest women you probably know. The one who brought you into this beautiful world and raised you!? Would you refer to her as weak? … I didn’t think so…


When I first started lifting weights, I never in a million years thought I’d fall in love with it.. I never knew just how life changing a squat rack could be! It made feel strong and alive, my mind was fresh, my body was pumping with endorphins, It kept me buzzing all day long. The way it shaped my body into the body I always imagined..A toned hard physique. I started to see results, and from there on I was captivated, addicted to how it made me feel inside and out. I felt refreshed and proactive, even on those days I just wanted to stay in bed.. But I didn’t. I got my ass up, even if I literately had to roll out of bed!


I used to focus on cardio, without knowing the true benefits of weight training.. hearing how lifting makes you bulky, it scared girls off. Its the biggest myth in the industry. This myth has Been BUSTED! So lets shake the stereotype that girls are weak and “lift like a girl” and bring #LiftLikeAGirl into play.


This lifting life fast became my passion. I naturally became more independent, happy, more confident and felt equal in the battle field of gyms. It can be intimidating, full of grunting hulks that constantly scare people away… but no, not me! I have a right to use that squat rack just as much as Mr hulk man does…so I wait… wait until he finishes. For most girls I know how daunting the gym can be, but with a little ease and confidence, a little structure behind what it is you have to do in there. It can easily become your very own “battle field” all you gotta do is own it.


Because If you’re hitting all those reps equally as hard as the guy next to you and to YOUR maximum, hitting that tempo 100%. Not a rep missed, pushing to your limit. You are equal! Its as much as your body and your frame can push to! If the guy next to you is missing his reps and not pushing to his limit, who’s to say he is stronger than you? Because he can lift heavier? I think not! Thats what I love about Legion Training, the structure of this program equalizes us all as one, like we’ve all just thrown the ball for the very first time.. there is no one to compete against but ourselves. You defeat your own demons, one rep at a time. Male or female! It doesnt matter because #LiftLikeAGirl is what its all about!


Myth BUSTED: Dam straight I do #liftlikeagirl #stronglikeagirl

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