The Truth Behind Abs

The Truth Behind Abs


We all want them – we all admire them. And for that very reason we see millions of “Ab-Gimmicks” being sold to households the world over.

Amongst those who refuse to fall for the “Ab Popper 3000” (that comes with a free set of steak knives -??) type of infomercials, we find a large percentage of these dedicated individuals at the gym performing crunches and direct ab exercises until the cows to wander home (I never really got that saying, but I get the general impression that it takes ages for the cows wander home – therefore a hell of a lot of crunches!!).

So – here’s the simple truth about abs – Abs are Made in the Kitchen! Think about it for a minute (guys and girls) if you have a layer of fat sitting on top of your abdominal muscles, no matter how crafted and deep your abs are you – will – not – see – them. You understandably may think “I’ll just do more crunches and burn the fat from around my abs” – No, no, no! Sorry folks – lets myth bust that right now! There is no such thing as ‘spot reduction’ which is essentially what performing crunches with a view to burning fat from your abdomen amounts to. Crunches alone will not decrease the fat which sits on top of your abs. (SIDE-NOTE – there is a thing called Intra Muscular Fat Burning as well as Bio Signature Modulation but that is something different that we won’t go into right now.)

Stop performing your ab routine and take a step back to have a look at your daily diet. What quantities are your taking in? Are you eating regularly to support your metabolism? What type of macro-nutrient ratio are you on daily? What types of carbohydrates are you ingesting? How much processed foods are going in and how much insulin effecting sugars are included daily? Wow! Mind-stew for some going on right now. “Man!” you say, “Crunches might hurt but a million crunches sounds easier than trying to address all those diet factors”. (Yep, its true I can read thoughts and hear what you’re thinking).

My advice is for you to research and select a nutritional approach that doesn’t starve you to bring your abs out. Select one that has you eating generous amounts throughout the entire day while structured to have you burning fat stores as fuel constantly. Be sure the diet approach you take utilizes carbohydrates well. A nutritional approach with next to no carbs will have your body shutting down instead of chiseling out your abdominals! And very importantly make sure your nutritional approach is specific to your body composition and that it has your nutritional values evolving as your body does. No point in ending up on a maintenance diet if you’re not even close to having those abs yet. Continued progression is needed.


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