2013 Legion Transformation Winners

2013 Legion Transformation Winners

MAY 2013 Legion Training was released to the world. From that date on people the world over could and continue to join the Legion Army, live the Legion life, and earn their own Legion Warrior body as a result.

Prior to the Legion Training World release a Challenge was announced. Individuals had the opportunity to pre-register themselves and send in a ‘Before’ Photo. Once Legion Training was officially released these registered individuals had to follow the Legion Training and nutrition program for the 13-Week Training Cycle duration. Upon completion of the 13-Week Training Cycle these pre-registered individuals were required to sent in an ‘After’ photo of themselves…

Legion Training was in search of its first Transformation Champions.

The Transformation Judgment process began…

Just under 2000 individuals from the world over pre-registered for the Legion Transformation Competition. From these individuals a confirmed 1923 completed the full 13-Weeks and sent in an ‘After’ photo. 1923 individuals that changed their body, changed their lives, and now through the opportunity of this competition looked to change their lives even more.

20 individuals have been selected as finalists. 2 individuals from this Top 20 (1 Male and 1 Female) have been selected as the Grand Overall 2013 Transformation Winners

As well as the transformation finalists and overall winners, a special category has been created – ‘Honorable Mentions’. This category has been created to recognize those individuals that not only have achieved outstanding results themselves through following the Legion Training approach, adopted and are fully living the Legion lifestyle, but ALSO who have, beyond the call of duty, supported and motivated other Legion participates throughout their transformation journeys. These honorable mentions are integral individuals of the Legion World-Wide community.

The two winners are now in arrangements with Legion Training, organizing flying them down to Legion home soil (New Zealand) where they will begin their first campaign as the Legion Transformation Champion Spokes models. For these 2 spokes models their Legion journey takes a radical and even further life changing direction.

For the other 18 finalists, as well as the Honorable Mention list, your Legion Journey has in no way come to an end. Not only is the simple fact that – “life continues and has no finish line, so the Legion Life doesn’t stop” – stands solid and true; but as well, Legion Training continues to grow rapidly on a daily basis. More and more Legion campaigns are being created and soon to be released. We will be calling on you all to partake as either ‘ambassadors’ or ‘generals’ in our up coming Fitness Revolution.

But for now its time to meet your Legion Grand Transformation Champions, your Finalists, and your very special Honorable Mentions.

The Legion Journey, The Legion Life, continues for all

Legion for Life

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