Transformation Warrior Competition

Transformation Warrior Competition

Its the business end of the Transformation Warrior Competition and for those who pre-registered before Legion Training’s world-wide release and submitted ‘before’ photos of themselves, this piece of information is important for you to know so you’re able to submit your absolute best ’after’ photos. This is the ‘nuts & bolts’ of the conclusion of the Transformation Competition prior to the start of the new stages.

A quick recap: Legion Training was first opened to the world in the form of a body transformation competition. A competition that has had participants eating, training and breathing the Legion approach, aspiring to be named the most impressive male and female transformer and be rewarded with the role of Legion Transformation Spokes Model. At the time of registration the comp was very much a niche ‘in the know’ sort of program however in just a matter of weeks registration numbers ballooned unbelievably! To enable us to manage numbers and progress stats the entrants were evenly divided into two groups – 1140 Platoon and the Centurion Platoon. Each platoon was home to just under 1000 participating entrants!!

Then the battle began .. June 3rd, 2013 was named the official starting date of the 11 week transformation journey (not including the 2 weeks pre-conditioning). 9 weeks later and the finale of the 11 week transformation Warrior Comp is fast approaching – August 18th. But here’s the really good bit! If anyone has fallen behind and hasn’t managed to complete their 11 week transformation in a consecutive day-to-day format don’t panic! Legion isn’t just a training program or a nutrition approach – its ultimately a lifestyle and an attitude. We are fully aware that for many, managing the transition from their old lifestyle to their Legion lifestyle would initially result in some hit and miss days – we knew this would happen and so we built in a 2 week ‘buffer’ period. By this we mean a 2 week grace period that will allow anyone who needs it an extra 14 days to complete their 11 weeks training. This ’buffer’ period is going to do one of two things for you – If you haven’t finished your 11 week cycle it will of course give you an extra 14 days to do so (of course keeping to the day-to-day schedule).

If you HAVE completed the 11 week cycle on target and in accord with the day-to-day schedule then these extra 14 days are pure bonus for you. No, not a rest bonus, but additional training time to give you transformation improvements over and above the 11 weeks!

This brings us to the point of when to submit photos in accordance to training finishing dates and what are your options and strategies for timing to submit your best self.

OPTION 1 – As soon as you have completed your 11 week cycle – snap your ‘After Photos’ and submit them straight away

OPTION 2 – Carry on training after your 11 week training is completed to make further gains and improvements and then snap your ‘After Photos’ submitting them just before the cut-off date of September 15 2013

Option 1 holds the benefit of getting your ‘After Photos’ done and dusted and then basically just waiting to see how your transformation results stack up in the judging criteria. However be aware the winners of this Transformation Warrior Comp will be spokes models for the Legion Training lifestyle – walking testaments that will feature heavily in the coming year’s Legion Training world-wide promotions. Forget any idea of stopping training if you win this position. If you are agreeable you will be put straight into your first Legion Campaign within a matter of weeks of the transformation winners being announced. It will be your responsibility to stay and remain Legion Conditioned

Option 2 is about maximizing every extra day to give you an edge. But this brings the question ”I’ve finished my 11 weeks – how do I keep Legion Training? How do I keep the Legion lifestyle?!” Don’t panic, I got you covered, we got you covered.

Legion Training was never launched to the world as a one off 11 week program and that’s it, see ya later. The Legion approach has been structured to be a form of training, nutrition, and lifestyle that can be lived by. Upon completion of your 11 week cycle a part of the Legion website will be opened up to you. This part of the site will only be accessible to those Legion Army members who have proved themselves by completing the first 11 weeks fully. This part is called the Legion Arena .. Of course I can’t reveal too much just yet, development is still in the process, but I can tell you this will open up the whole Legion World, Legion Lifestyle to you. Everything you need to live as a Legion Army member can be found here.

Your new home – the Legion Arena.

As the days are numbered stay strong, train as prescribed, eat as required, and live the Legion lifestyle, embracing the Legion attitude. That is ultimately what we are looking for in our Transformation Warrior winners.

Good luck to all

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