Frequently Asked Questions

Is Legion Training suitable for vegetarians?

Under the Legion Training approach being vegetarian greatly increases the difficulty of delivering the daily ratio of protein required while not blowing not other macro-nutrients, in particular carbohydrates. Now while it is difficult, its not impossible. Many Legion Training members full into the vegetarian category and use the Food Substitute feature the Legion Training offers, however options are limited as the nutritional approach works best for those able to meat meat

Can I drink Alcohol while following Legion Training?

We’ll never tell somebody that they CAN’T have something. But we will tell them the facts and provide only what is optimal for each individual. Alcohol will never appear on the customized Legion Meal plans that you receive because your meal plans are tailored for exactly and only what is optimal for you and your results. The truth when it comes to alcohol, is its empty calories. Meaning your body has no use for them what so ever. These extra calories are purely taken in and viewed as excess by the body. Now, its your call as to whether you drink while on the Legion Meal Plan however keep in mind, the closer you follow your Legion nutrition, the faster your results come.

Can I perform additional exercise on top of following Legion Training?

The Legion Training nutritional approach has been paired with the content, frequency, and recovery factors of the Legion Training weekly exercise requirements. The calories that you take in and the macro-nutrient ratios are tailored specific to just this. Additional exercise or training is not taken into account. However, sometimes Legion members are required to perform specific physical training for their particular jobs or sports. With this in mind its best these individuals contact the Legion support so additional nutritional values and advice can be prescribed to accommodate and modifications perform to their nutritional plans.

What equipment is needed to perform Legion Training?

Being a member of a gym is a must when following the Legion Training program. Home gyms or a few pieces of home equipment will not cut it. But realize only a basic gym is required. You don’t need to be a member of a fancy over priced gym. Just a gym that provides the basics that any gym facility should have. The reason for this is Legion Training utilizes a board range of free weight, basic equipment, varying loads and tensions that only a gym can provide. This range is required to be able to create and hit the varying stimulus’s needed for the physiological change in the targeted muscle groups that we need to trigger each and every Legion Training session.

Is Legion Training suitable to both Men and Women?

Most definitely. Legion Training caters to both Men and Women and their varying goals. We are very aware of the muscular and hormonal differences between the two sexes as well as the differing goals between the two. With this in mind the Legion journey for a male and female has similarities but the progression and development differs strongly.

How does Legion know what my goals are?

Before starting the Legion Training program you will be asked to complete a questionnaire. Part of this questionnaire throughly covers your objectives, priorities, and body transformation goals. Based on these answers and inline with your current body composition your overall Legion transformation blueprint is created. As you progress throughout the Legion program your nutritional updates will evolve inline with the rate of your body composition changes to be sure you are progressing perfectly inline with your personal goals and paired training requirements