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Workout sessions delivered to your account page everyday you are scheduled to train, including hundreds of easy to follow exercise instruction videos.

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Fully customized nutrition meal plans designed and continually updated with your evolving body composition.

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No Legion soldier walks alone. Got questions? Need help? Whatever it is, our support team has got your back every step of the way.

From what I considered 'less than average' to stepping on the body building stage and winning my class. The Legion Training approach has transformed more than just my body. Its transformed my life and my future goals.


Alex Lepic-Clark, United Kingdom,

Get ready for the most rewarding 13-Weeks ever. By the end not only will you have a completely new and improved body but you will have a whole new outlook on life and what you are capable of.


Lou Pinelli, Australia,

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Can I Change Plans Anytime?

If you are paying month-to-month, you can change to an annual payment plan anytime. Just log in to your account, click on your the ‘My Account’ link. Choosing an annual payment plan gets you 2 months access for free.

Are there long term contracts?

Legion Training is offered as a pay-as-you-go service. You can pay month-to-month or you can pre-pay annually. If you cancel, you’ll be billed for the current month, but you won’t be billed again. Similar to a gym membership. Just no contracts.

What are the payment options?

Currently we accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express . At this time we only accept payments online. Prices are in USD.

Terms of service and privacy policy?

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